Come for the winter; stay for the summer

Aspen was a boom town in the late 1800s when silver was discovered, but like many such towns it fell by the wayside when silver devalued. But in the 1940s, the town reinvented itself under the guidance of Walter Paepke and his wife Elizabeth. Focusing on “body, mind, spirit,” Aspen had a renaissance of culture that brought the rich and famous, and fueled the transformation of this old-timey silver town into the glamorous vacation destination we know today… without losing it’s charm.


Aspen – Skiing, obviously

You can’t hear the name “Aspen” without thinking of world-class skiing and top-notch resorts, for very good reason. The slopes are simply amazing, and ought to be on your bucket list. The quality and variety of Aspen’s ski slopes are the reason that the town hosts the annual Aspen X-Games event a nationally-renown winter sporting event.

With many skiing lodges and resorts available, there’s sure to be a world-class skiing and snowboarding experience in your future.


Things to Do

If skiing isn’t your interest, the list of things to do in Aspen is virtually endless in winter as well as year-round. In the winter, you can enjoy a long soak with friends in a hot tub after a day’s adventures in skiing, snowshoeing, world-class fly fishing, or even hot air balloon rides.

Summer weather brings horseback, biking, and hiking adventures. Then there are water sports such as fishing, rafting, and swimming. You can even go paragliding and hot-air ballooning!

Aspen has long been famous for its arts & cultural events, as well. The Theatre Aspen is particularly distinguished for its many fine productions, as is the Aspen-Santa Fe Ballet. You can also take in rich displays at the Aspen Art Museum and the Nancy Noell Gallery. If you love opera, you can hardly do better than the Wheeler Opera House.

Don’t forget the many live performances and music shows at festivals and venues throughout the summer…


Food & Lodging

Aspen is well known as the destination of the rich and famous. The dining and lodging in Aspen is certainly up to par, and celebrities can be seen frequenting many of Aspen’s high-end establishments.

There are plenty of eateries for “on the go,” in between the adventures you’ll have here, and some of the best “locals secrets” for a diverse culinary experience. How many restaurants are there for you to experience authentic food from around the world? You’d be hard pressed to try them all in one vacation.

Lodging is no problem. Well-appointed vacation rentals and condos are readily available for a range of budgets, of course, but there are more famous resorts in Aspen than possibly anywhere else in the U.S.

If those aren’t to your liking, alternative arrangements abound. From peaceful rustic cabins to truly historic bed & breakfast establishments, five-star luxury hotels to small inns, and everything in between. There are more hot tubs in Aspen than probably the entire state of Colorado, so when booking, ask whether they offer a hot tub. In the middle of winter, nothing else compares with soaking in a hot tub to relax or to entertain with friends.

There is truly something for everyone in Aspen!



Regardless of your means, Aspen offers something for everyone. The rich and famous walking the historic streets of Aspen, visiting the many outstanding boutiques. Adventurers find serenity or excitement both in and outside the town proper. Famous landscapes and views, cultural and heritage sites galore, summer concerts and renown theatre performances, Aspen offers it all.

Locals know all about the hidden culinary gems, where you may not find so many celebrities but you will find outstanding cuisine from around the globe. Famous restaurants are here as well, and not just the many five-star establishments we’ve all heard of.

It can be said that arguably, Aspen provides more kinds of entertainment for more kinds of people than almost anywhere else.