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Voted both America’s Best-Kept Secret and one of the nation’s “Top 20 Dream Towns in America”, at over 10,000 feet Leadville is the highest incorporated city in America. Stunning views and a history of serving skiers and vacationers for over a century combine to make this a beautiful retreat from the daily grind.

Leadville offers a rich history on display, plenty of summer activities as well as winter skiing, and easy roads that are exceptionally well-maintained year-round. Many of the residents commute to nearby Vail and Breckenridge, so even mid-winter the roads need to be kept up (and the roads are gentle – none of the hairpin switchbacks and white-knuckle slopes to contend with).

One of its best features is that Leadville is not a glitzy resort town full of expensive 5-star lodges. It’s a historic mining town with down-to-earth, friendly people and some of the best Victorian-era architecture remaining in Colorado. In fact, if you’re looking to find a place as authentic as you are, you will not be sorry for visiting the town!


Main Attraction

Cooper Ski Resort is of course the town’s main Winter attraction, with skiing available from early November to as late as early May. The resort has truly awe-inspiring views of some of the highest peaks in Colorado, include both Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive. And yes, that’s it’s name!

And although Cooper Ski Resort remains one of the best values in the Rockies, you also won’t find a friendlier staff anywhere else, and they genuinely pride themselves on customer service and helping with any specific needs you may have.

At Cooper, you won’t find lift lines. They don’t use hard man-made snow–and if you’ve ever had a spill on artificial snow, then you know the difference natural powder makes! Cooper doesn’t have the vast crowds you find at other great ski resorts, so you never have to worry about your kids getting swept away and lost in a sea of other people.

What they do do is offer 39 trails over 400 varied acres of terrain, some of the most Authentic skiing in Colorado; a family-friendly vibe with a family-friendly price that doesn’t skimp on value; and 2600 acres of wide-open powder and bowls on Chicago Ridge.


Things to Do

Leadville offers a lot of entertainment for such a small town, both in and outside Leadville. Many are surprised to learn about the wide range of summertime activities that Leadville offers!




  • Skiing at Cooper Ski Resort
  • Snowshoeing – guided trails, gear, and maps for solo adventures
  • Snowmobiling – Rent a snowmobile and see the Rockies wilderness as never before!



    • Boating
  • Camping
  • Fishing
    • Hiking
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Horseback Riding
    • River Rafting
  • Four Wheeling
  •  Festivals


    Leadville has a number of great places to eat, whether you are vacationing as a family or with your buddies. The variety is impressive for a town like this!

    • High Mountain Pies – Chili pizzeria with outdoor seating! Laid-back eatery with a snug dining room & outdoor seating serving pizzas, calzones, and sandwiches.
  • Quincy’s Steak & Spirits – Family restaurant tradition, and family-owned, the menu is simple and the price is perfect, but the food is hearty and delicious!
  • Casa Blanca Eatery – Where the locals eat lunch, it’s a bit of a hidden treasure
  • Callaway’s – An old-style eatery located in a historic landmark, the Delaware Hotel, which goes all the way back to 1886. It truly shows off its Victorian-era roots.