It’s been on your mind for years and you’ve finally made the decision; it’s time to turn that unused bedroom, basement, or attic into a game room. After careful consideration, and a lot of vision, you’ve realized there’s nothing more you’d want than a billiards table. That’s a great choice, but there are many things to consider when transforming a boring, old room into your amazing, new billiards gaming room!

Size Matters

Or, in this case, it’s actually the area that matters. The room you decide to transform into your game room has to have enough room for both the table and players, as well as any other furniture you might want to include.

Brunswick billiard tables come in a range of sizes, from about 7 foot to 9 foot long, and a width that is half of the length, so keeping that in mind will help you when measuring.

Since the average cue is 57 inches, adding a 60-inch perimeter around the table will ensure that players have enough room for their backstroke.

In terms of numbers, this breaks down to:

  • 12 feet, 9 inches by 16 feet for a 7-foot table
  • 13 feet, 4 inches by 17 feet for an 8-foot table
  • 13 feet, 8 inches by 18 feet for a 9-foot table.

Weight Might Matter, Too

The average table weighs anywhere between 700 and 1000 pounds, but the weight is distributed evenly on each leg. This means that it’s no more than 250 pounds on each leg, or about the same as an adult standing there.

If your billiards room is in the basement or the first floor, weight probably won’t play a factor in your table selection, but if you’re on an upper floor, you might consider calling in a specialist to make sure there won’t be an issue.

Keep the Noise In Mind

The crack of the ball can be loud. Real loud.

If your game room is in the basement or other confined space, it will seem even louder. Many people find the sound peaceful, relating it to a relaxing time with friends and family, but for others, it can be too much.

On the other hand, if you have your table in an open room with lots of windows, or outside, the sound of both the balls and people will travel a lot further, possibly disrupting others.

Make Sure Your Space Is Prepared

Once that table is in there, it can’t easily be moved. Not only is it heavy, but it’s also professionally balanced for optimum gaming performance. If you move the table, it’ll require someone coming out to rebalance it.

The most important things to have fully prepared before the table gets there are your lighting and any sort of area rug you might want to have under the table. The lighting itself should be raised about 60-66 inches off the ground so that it hovers at about 30 inches above the table. You should also try to find a fixture that eliminates shadows on the table. Special lighting kits are made for billiard tables, but most any pendant lamp should do the trick

Consider How Installers Will Do Their Job

While most standard billiard tables come in sections that should be easy enough to get through most doorways, some are not. Other obstacles to consider are stairs, especially spiral staircases, and halls with tight turns. If you’re unsure a table will fit, many retailers offer in-home visits to make sure it will fit prior to delivery. It’s much better to be safe than sorry when such an expensive investment is on the line.

Make The Room Your Own

Even before the table arrives, start thinking of what the room will look like. You’ll need storage, seating, a place for beverages, and maybe even a few other forms of entertainment.

When it comes to storage, you’ll want to make sure you have a place for the cues, balls, chalk, and rack. A high-quality wall rack will take care of storage and will look great.

Bringing in bar stools adds a certain elegance and ambiance to the room. It also gives your friends and family a place to rest in between shooting, or just a place to hang out. Make sure to include a table or shelf for beverages! The last thing you want is for any sort of liquid to get spilled on your brand new table. Shelf-Corners are a great addition that also adds a quick place for players to set their cues while they rest.

Consider including other forms of entertainment. Having a stereo, TV, or even dartboard are great additions to any game room!

Consider The Real Cost

With all the different expenses involved, it’s not hard to lose track of how much creating this wonderful room will actually cost. Keeping a sheet of paper or file on your computer to keep track of everything is important.

Brunswick billiard tables run anywhere between ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##2,000 to ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##10,000, with custom ones going up from there. Size is a major deciding factor in how much a table will cost, with larger ones costing more, but no matter which table you choose the quality is top notch.

After picking out the right table, it’s time to budget in all of the essential accessories. When it comes to your cue’s, balls, and any other items that directly relate to the game, quality should come first, but for lighting and furniture, try to find a balance between cost and quality, while maintaining the style you envision.

Most Importantly, Have Fun

From the second you decide to create a masterpiece until the first game night, the process of building a game room should be a magical experience. Make sure to keep your surroundings in mind when picking out the right table, and accessorize in a way that compliments your style, space, and budget. The most important thing to always keep in mind is quality, and if you stick with a Brunswick table, you’ll never have to compromise.