Heavenly Hot Tub Cover Straps

No need to fret if you’ve got a broken, damaged or missing Cover Clip, Buckle or Back Strap on your spa. We carry replacement parts for everything!Most clips and buckles are plastic and prone to breaking and will require replacement during your spa’s lifetime. Clips come in various sizes, this you know, so be sure to measure your clips and let us know the size of the Cover Clip your spa requires and we’ll match Adjustable Buckles and Back Straps to it. Buckles are either pinch or push release and many come with keys and locks.

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Heavenly Hot Tub Cover Savers

Prolong the life of your Spa Cover with a Cover Saver. A Cover Saver saves your cover by removing all the stress from the hinges when the cover is lifted. Cover Savers allow the Spa Cover to rest on T-brackets which are attached to the Cover Lifter with durable, UV-resistant nylon webbing.

You probably already have a Cover Lifter which makes removing the cover easier. Now consider a ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##25 Cover Saver which removes all the stress from the Cover’s hinges. Hinges just aren’t made to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure year after year and even a Spa Cover specifically designed to withstand heavy pressure could eventually become waterlogged.

When you lift your cover with a Cover Saver in place the weight will transfer onto the T-brackets which transfer the weight to the crossbar and not to the hinge. Cover Savers distribute the weight around the cover more easily by transferring the weight on the weakest section to the strongest section and protects the center seam.

Our Cover Savers are adjustable for any size cover and can be installed within minutes. Save yourself the heartache of replacing a cover and extend its life with a Cover Saver today.