There truly is nothing like feeling almost weightless in warm water while being massaged in just the right places. Imagine floating in a hot tub, eyes closed, and feeling the stress and anxiety melt away, not to mention sore muscles. The healing properties of hot water have been used since ancient times all around the world and in more recent years we have harnessed this with hot tubs and pools right at home.

What Is Hydrotherapy and How Does It Work?

Hydrotherapy is a type of natural treatment that takes advantage of the healing properties of being submerged in hot water. It can help relieve stress, anxiety, muscle tension, and even help with more serious health issues by increasing your immune system and lowering blood pressure.

The combination of hot water with the almost weightlessness of floating creates this hydrotherapy effect, increasing blood flow to areas that are hurting and taking tension off of your joints. It also increases blood circulation to the skin as well as the body’s natural ability to heal. When combined with high-quality jets in a hot tub this effect is multiplied and can help to lower your stress level, relieve soreness from muscles, alleviate back pain, and help the symptoms of arthritis. It has even been shown to lessen or cure the effects of insomnia!

Hydrotherapy can change your life and there is no better way to achieve this than with a personal hot-tub or swim spa right at home. You will feel the healing effects of hydrotherapy the very first time you soak in your hot tub, with less pain and an increase of energy!