Prefabricated Hot TubsYou may also have heard these called Acrylic or Prefab tubs because the inner surface of the spa molded from acrylic and a backing of either ABS plastic or fiberglass. These are the best-selling type of tubs for a reason. When you visit a friend’s house and see their hot tub sitting beautifully on their patio, beckoning you, the odds are pretty good that it’s one of these.

For the most part you’ll want to place these on a cement foundation such as a patio, although some decks could be strong enough for some smaller portable hot tubs. There are also prefab cement slabs available, which can be emplaced on any flat ground with little additional work to level it.

Some use standard household 110-volt power, but some will need access to wiring for the 220-volt power that runs some laundry appliances. When budgeting for your hottub, you’ll need to know which power supply you need and make sure there is appropriate wiring available. If not, contact us as we offer service plans to take care of that for you!

These hot tubs can be quite economical, especially for the smaller sizes, but a fancy cedarwood cabinet (the box the tub sits in) will greatly increase the price–and visual appeal. Other cabinets come pre-moulded and are more affordable, often having the appearance of wood. When you’re ready to choose a hot tub, Heavenly Times Hot Tub & Billiards offer the best brands, Engineered for the Colorado High Country. Once your spa is in place, Heavenly Times delivers industry-leading maintenance and servicing, so your investment is well cared for. Make every time a Heavenly time!

Heavenly Times hot tubs – Engineered for the Colorado High Country.