Breckenridge & Summit County Area Hot Tub Maintenance

In order to keep your hot tub clean and properly maintained there are several things that must be done on a weekly, monthly, and periodic basis. It is important that any hot tub is well maintained to prevent unsanitary conditions, create the right water balance, prolong the overall performance of the pump and parts, and to uphold the hot tub’s appearance.

Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

On a weekly basis, the cleaning and maintaining process involves adding chemicals to supplement what was done when the hot tub was first filled with fresh water. A chemical is needed to keep the oxidization process going. This chemical is used to help keep the chemicals that are added at a potent level and to oxidize dead organisms to prevent and eliminate odors. To help prevent the build-up of mineral and metal components on the pump and equipment, a stain and scale chemical is added. To sanitize the hot tub, bromine is added to the filter compartment or bromine floater.

Bi-Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

On a bi-weekly to weekly basis, the water needs to be tested so the right chemicals can be added or adjusted to reach the right pH balance. When low pH levels need to be raised an alkalinity increaser, or sodium carbonate, is needed to reduce corrosion damage on the hot tub’s metal parts. This also improves the effectiveness of sanitizers and reduces eye irritation. When the pH level needs to be lowered a pH decreaser, or sodium bisulfate, is used to lower high pH levels and get the water alkalinity to return to normal. This also helps to prevent scale build-up that can be harmful to the equipment.

Keeping the filter clean and properly working is one of the most important parts of hot tub maintenance. The filter keeps contaminants out of the water and out of the hot tub’s system, making the water sanitary and the pump and parts operating correctly. Even though filters should be replaced annually, they need to be rotated, rinsed, and cleaned on a regular basis.

Changing Hot Tub Water

While the time frame for changing the water varies, it averages around every 3 to 4 months. Over time, salt from perspiration and other contaminants will continue to increase so when the TDS level, or Total Dissolved Solids, exceeds 1500 ppm, it is suggested that the water be changed. This is an especially important task that should be completed by a professional since the disposal of chemicals is involved. It is also important to flush the inside plumbing and equipment of the hot tub. It can be extremely beneficial to circulate the water daily in order to keep your hot tub running at its best. It has even been suggested that running the hot tub for at least 3 hours each day will help keep your hot tub operating at its best.

With so many different aspects involved in properly maintaining your hot tub, hiring a professional service team will ensure that the right tasks are performed at the right time. Regular and routine maintenance needs to be performed on schedule and can prove to be time consuming. Also with the use of chemicals it is important that they are handled correctly and are accurately measured and applied to the water by a professional.

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