In an age where more and more products are being made overseas we stubbornly continue to build product right here in North America. Good old-fashioned ingenuity and the hard work of our people make it possible. Sure our products may cost you a little more but we are confident that we deliver you more in the end and that choosing us is the correct decision.Each unit is hand-crafted, pre-fit, and thoroughly tested before being packed for shipment to you.

We guarantee that your sauna will easily assemble with a fit and finish that you will not find on any other portable sauna. If you need to move the sauna it disassembles in minutes so you can reposition it in a new spot and use it again. When you compare our saunas to others you will see subtle differences that mean a lot to North Americans.

All Hybrid and Hybrid Extreme saunas have oversized seating which means approximately 15% more space for our oversized bodies than imported brands, and we use a stronger bench and floor material to support heavier loads. All of our wood is dried to 8% or less moisture content to minimize any potential for cracking or splitting even if you live in the dry climate of the Canadian prairies or the Arizona desert.

3 Year Warranty

Arctic Hybrid and Hybrid Extreme saunas are made in Canada by one of the most trusted names in heat therapy. All warranties are direct from a Canadian manufacturer who has built its reputation on the best backed products you can buy.Our 3 year warranty provides the piece of mind you need to make this decision, but the odds are that you will never need it!

Arctic Hybrid Saunas and Hybrid Extreme saunas are completely designed and built in Canada including the electronic controls, which are built inhouse. This means that we control the quality so it can be passed on to you. It also means that the parts are readily available in the event that your sauna is damaged or needs service.