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Hot Tub Covers

Gift your hot tub with a sturdy and reliable hot tub cover. Our easy-to-measure software helps you record your rub’s exact dimensions so you can get the perfect fit for your hot tub cover. Our covers are lightweight and easy to handle and will fit your spa like a glove. If you want more for your cover, take advantage of our easy to use cover lifters or the state of the art technology in covers; the Covana Covers.

  • Cover Lifters

    Cover lifters - Breckenridge, Frisco, Vail, Colorado
    • Hydrolic and Manual System
    • Non-Corrosive Components
    • Sturdy Mounting Systems
    • Easy to Install

    Heavenly’s Hot Tub Cover Lifters takes the stress off your back and puts the weight on a sturdy, high-quality mounting system where it belongs.

  • Savers

    Arctic Hot Tubs savers - Breckenridge, vail, frisco

    • Custom Fit Savers
    • Prevent Wear and Tear

    Help keep your cover lasting longer with Hot Tub Savers for your arctic or coyote spa. These savers help keep the wear and tear to a minimal on the center folds when using your Tub.

  • Straps

    Used Hot Tubs Breckenridge, Dillon, Vail, Colorado
    • Secure and lasting Straps
    • Weather Resistant

    We offer reliable and sturdy straps, to prepare your Hot Tub Cover for any environment. Used for Savers  and Cover Lifters

    • Covana Covers

      Covana Covers Hot Tubs Breckenridge, Dillon, Vail, Colorado
      • Easy to Install
      • Water Sealed 
      • Built In Gazebo
      • Weather Resistant

      Covana Covers are not only water sealed and made to withstand harsh whether conditions, but also provide a quick and easy to use gazebo

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