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Engineered for the Colorado High Country

In the Colorado High Country, Arctic Spas leads the pack for standard hot tub features. Yet, the region’s discerning customers often want more than the standard. That’s why Heavenly Times Hot Tubs & Billiards will work with you to add the very best in functional (or jaw-droppingly lavish) accessories listed below to any of our hot tubs.

We also know that not everyone may know what sort of hot tub features and accessories they need and want in their new hot tub. That’s why, with any of our hot tubs, you can actually wait until after your hot tub is installed before deciding. Then, after you’ve experienced the High Country from the luxury of your new tub, you can later decide what’s missing. When it’s convenient for you, we’ll install most any of our extra hot tub options. We can do that because our hot tubs are Engineered for the High Country — the unique design lets us access all the components without damaging the tub, so you know you’re getting only the extra options you need and want.

Best of all, this unique engineering means we can let you know as new features are invented! No matter how long you keep it, your hot tub can always be upgraded with the newest features — forever!

EcoPack Spa Controls

Arctic Spas Digital Controls
The Gecko brand spa pack is the standard control system on our Arctic Spas. With this advanced system you can control temperature and other variables right on the top-side touch pad. If there’s a problem, it diagnoses itself and a solution is just one call away. Utterly rugged, it will last long into the future – which is a good thing because it’s easily upgraded. The Internet Connectivity upgrade has to be seen to believe!

Premium Aristech Acrylic with BioLock™™

Arctic Spas Hot Tub colour Choices
Our line of Arctic Spas feature premium acrylic construction. The Aristech acrylics take advantage of BioLock™, a unique antimicrobial agent. You’ll enjoy not only cleaner water and sitting surfaces, but also reduced maintenance costs. Best of all, our two most popular colors, Black Metallic and Lunar, are only available for Arctic Spas – so your hot tub will truly stand out from the rest.

OnSpa® WiFi Connectivity featuring WebConnect

Arctic Spas Onspa Wireless Control
Picture this. You already have the Eco Pack control system, which is impressive enough. But how do you and your guests stream music or upload pictures? With the OnSpa® WiFi Connectivity upgrade, using a smartphone you can connect to your spa from anywhere and adjust the settings – so you can have it perfectly set for when you get home, or turn it down if you forgot before leaving on vacation.

Forever Floor™ Composite Structural Floor

Arctic Spas Forever Floor
Moving your hot tub is usually a pain, and often damages the tub if it has been in place for even a short while. Our Arctic Spas line is already renown for their standard-feature sturdy wooden floors. Our engineers weren’t happy with this, however. Breckenridge hot tubs deserve more! That’s why our engineers raised the bar and developed the ForeverFloor® optional hot tub accessory.

Mylovac™ “Walk on” Spa Cover

Arctic Spas Castcore Cover
Our upgraded cover, The Mylovac®, starts with foam twice as dense as the industry average. An added C-beam and vacuum-sealed mylar skin save you thousands over the life of your hot tub by eliminating moisture. The beam holds thousands of pounds – safety for your kids, and snow-proof!

TruGuard Titanium/Teflon Coated Heater

Arctic Spas Truguard Heater
Did you know that heating element failure is a common problem, and that it is almost never covered under warranty? The water and chemicals corrode the element, reducing efficiency until it finally fails completely. But not ours – our TruGuard titanium heater with patented Teflon coating is engineered for the Colorado High Country! No corrosion, no reduced efficiency, no failures. We’re so confident in our optional TruGuard heaters that we guarantee them for five entire years – no questions asked.

Classic No Maintenance Cabinets

Arctic Spas No Maintenance Cabinet
Hot tub accessories turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one, but maintaining them can be time consuming. Not so with our newly-redesigned Classic No Maintenance cabinets! They borrow all the beauty and functionality of our amazing cedar cabinets, but you’d never know they’re made from 100% composite materials — so maintenance is never an issue, and you can have more time to enjoy your hot tub.

Peak 1 Ozone System

Arctic Spas Peak 1 Ozone
One of the best things about the Colorado High Country is the quality of the air – clean and pure. And now with the optional Peak Ozone System®, you can enjoy that same pure air when lounging in your hot tub! Our spas are engineered for the high country, and the Peak Ozone System integrates with your spa’s internal plumbing to expose spa water to activated oxygen (ozone), which both oxidizes and purifies your water – and the air around it.

Peak 2 Ozone System

Arctic Spas Peak 2 Ozone
For those who truly appreciate quality and want the best possible relaxation environment in their spa, we offer the Peak II System. It has everything that makes Peak I so amazing, but we’ve added superior features like a circulation pump that optimizes ozone production from 1-24 hours–so you have precise timing control–and we’ve doubled the mixing chamber’s volume. The Peak II system is truly engineered for the high country!

Onzen Salt Water System

Arctic Spas Onzen Salt Water Care
Not all hot tub accessories are equal, and the Onzen Salt Water System is proof. Arctic Spas’ proprietary saltwater system uses the properties of naturally-sourced Dead Sea salts combined with powerful electrolysis to generate a healthy, all-natural sanitizer. With Onzen, you can be certain your Arctic Spa will have the crystal-clear water discerning owners demand.

Spa Boy

Arctic Spas Spa Boy
Water maintenance is usually an unpleasant chore – necessary to keep a spa in shape for company, but tedious. The Arctic Spas’ Spa Boy optional unit alleviates this routine chore and reduces both the needed time and amount of chemicals required to keep spas in proper condition.

Wet Tunes Stereo System

Arctic Spas Sound System
Few things are as rewarding as a soak in the tub after work or with friends. With the Wet Tunes stereo system, it’s a breeze to stream music from your smartphone or other bluetooth-enabled device to get the most out of your tub time. Whether using an online streaming music service or accessing a personal MP3 library, music at the spa is easier than it’s ever been before. Yet it works with wired connections, too, so your older iPod, CD player, or TV audio can be connected. This is a very popular hot tub accessory – engineered for Colorado’s High Country!

Aquatremor Stereo System

Arctic Spas Sound System
Imagine this: you play your MP3 list through your phone, but rather than enjoying music through a single set of speakers, the water itself becomes the speaker! That’s the magic of the new Aquatremor stereo system. It doesn’t use a normal speaker. No, your entertainment can make use of tactile transducers that turn the hot tub shell, the cabinet, and the water itself into the speaker. Whether you’re in for a relaxing soak or carousing with friends in the spa, the music comes through the water and you’ll feel it flow through you. It simply must be tried to be believed!

Aquatremor™ DLX Stereo System

Arctic Spas Sound System
The Aquatremor Deluxe marries our two Actic Spas stereo options — the Aquatremor and the Wet Tunes system — to give discerning spa owners the best of both worlds. Enjoy the Aquatremor’s unique audio properties that turn your entire spa into a speaker, but also benefit from the Wet Tunes outstanding Air Rise speaker system–not to mention it’s power-packed subwoofer.

Northern Lights Colour changing LED System

Arctic Spas Ultimate Lighting
The optional Northern Lights colour-changing LED system light up the night, bringing digital color changes and fades to the party — or to make a relaxing soak sublime. The system includes so many patterns and sequences, it’s easy to find the perfect lighting for the mood you’re in, or to pump up the party. Discerning customers know that this system doesn’t add leak points, either, making it a great investment in you.

Family Lighting Package (FLP)

Arctic Spas Family Lighting
Arctic Spa lighting taken to the next level! The Family Lighting Package will amaze friends and family with your spa’s new sleek looks and attractive accents. All the hot tub jets are back-lit, but the technology ensures water flow isn’t affected and it adds no leak points. Even the cup holders get the back lighting treatment, so beverages shine as brilliantly as the added back lit water-rope waterfall.

Ultimate Lighting Package

Arctic Spas Ultimate Lighting
No hot tub in the High Coutry should be without the stunning Ultimate Lighting Package for Arctic Spas. Engineered to the highest standards, the system backlights all jets, seamlessly so no new leak points are introduced. The wide array of colors, pulses and rhythms also highlight the spa controls and cup holders. And, uniquely, the Ultimate Lighting Package embellishes your spa with beautiful, forever-lasting Titanium sconces to house down-light LEDs that brilliantly illuminate and accent your spa and its beautiful cabinets.


Arctic Spas Ultimate Lighting
The newly-released SkyFall® Fogger sends an ethereal mist cascading onto the water’s surface, creating an experience that is at once sublime and discreet. The added backlighting turns the mist into a softly-colored display that synchronizes with any other lighting package you may have. Designed for the perfect Colorado High Country experience!

Therapy Air

Arctic Spas Therapy Air
Lavish massage is yours with Arctic Spas’ Therapy Air system. Lighter and bubblier than water jets, this hot tub accessory is available on all spas for frothy fun. We add multiple air jets through the spa, and a powerful air blower, to deliver a gentle massage that will make you tingle from head to toe. Engineered for Colorado’s demanding High Country, Therapy Air can be used in any weather, even mid-winter, because it doesn’t draw in outside air. This makes the air bubbles refreshing in summer, and perfectly warm in winter.

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