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Wooden Hot Tubs

wooden tub

Ah yes, the beauty of a wooden hot tub. These above-ground tubs have an older, classic look to them that many find appealing, and they look nothing like most other styles of hot tub. They are made of various woods

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Limited Edition Extreme Outdoor Package – Now Available!

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Bizarre Secret Cleanser from Japan

Have you heard of salt water care systems for your hot tub? It sounds bizarre, but once you know about it, it’s hard to ever go back to shock treating.The LA Times calls it a “miracle elixir.” It’s been in

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Did You Make a New Year’s Promise to Live Healthier?

Getting a hot tub is one proven way to help you keep that New Year’s resolution to live a healthier life. We often make such resolutions year after year, but those tend to fall by the wayside after a month,

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Big 4 Promo – Limited Production!

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Simplest Sale Ever – Select Series

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Where To Place Your Hot Tub (Continued)

Go Back To Page 1 Space Needed Each hot tub, whether in-ground or above-ground, will need a certain amount of space for the tub itself. In the example above, a medium-size tub might require 6’x7’. You’ll need more room than

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Where To Place Your Hot Tub

It’s all about location! After you’ve decided whether to get an above ground vs in ground hot tub, or even before making that decision, you’ll need to decide where to put it. Indoors? Outdoors? How much space do you really

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Why Hot Tub Covers are an Absolute Must-Have Accessory in Breckenridge and Summit County

Covana Covers

If you’re thinking about getting a hot tub, you’re no doubt busy dreaming up all the fun things you’ll do in that relaxing spa: host a hot tub party, play some family spa games, work out in your swim spa—not

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Prefabricated Hot Tubs

Prefabricated Hot Tubs

You may also have heard these called Acrylic or Prefab tubs because the inner surface of the spa molded from acrylic and a backing of either ABS plastic or fiberglass. These are the best-selling type of tubs for a reason.

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